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News and our first rumor

Almost one month has passed since the City of Incline Village project was announced and we have been getting significant local attention and news coverage. We’re even starting to see rumors – which is a good sign that the idea is on more people’s minds!


Here is our local news coverage in case you missed it...

July 16: "Group Pushing for Incline Village to be Incorporated"

July 31: "Push to Incorporate Depends on Incline Village Residents"


And now the big rumor out there is that a new city would make the beaches public. As with most rumors, we have no idea where this one came from, but it is definitely false. In a previous FAQ we explained that the beaches stay private. But here is an updated summary in Q and A form:

Q: Are you going to protect the Beach Deed that keeps the beaches private to parcel owners here? And if so, how?

A: Yes, protecting and maintaining the Beach Deed is non-negotiable in planning for a new city here. To be as safe as possible, the City of Incline Village is not proposing to touch any aspect of managing the beaches or beach services. That responsibility will remain with IVGID as it is now. That way there will be no change to the private status granted by the Beach Deed. As an additional precaution, the current thinking is that the two beach parcels (the one known as Burnt Cedar Beach and the other one known as Incline Beach, Ski Beach and Hermit Beach) will be specifically excluded from the area under city jurisdiction. We also continue to evaluate this approach against other possibilities to best protect the Beach Deed.

Hopefully that dispels this weird rumor once and for all. If you hear other rumors yourself, please just check back here or direct people to this website for the facts.


Finally, we’re excited to see talented volunteers stepping up to help with several tasks from spreading the word in town to doing some financial analysis. If you already contacted us to volunteer, you should have received an email from the Village League. If you haven't yet but you want to help out too in any way, just contact us.

We’ve also added some share buttons throughout the website to make it easier to share these posts and our home page (with the video) on social media. Please feel free to share anything on line and offline. Every bit helps us keep the story straight out there and build momentum toward a petition that everyone is excited to sign.

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