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Update: Great Survey Results - But Hitting the Pause Button

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

On June 16th we completed a scientific survey of local residents that confirmed our community's shared conviction to have more local control and accountability, build more pride of place and solve housing issues among other important local problems. With this data in hand we were excited to launch our petition over the July 4th weekend. Unfortunately we have now paused our plans to do the City of Incline Village incorporation petition drive this summer. The community appears to be somewhat distracted and divided over a just-launched recall petition for IVGID Trustees. We will not run our city incorporation petition at the same time as a recall petition. We know this delay is disappointing to everyone, but in the meantime we will continue moving forward with initiatives to improve community awareness and our capability for self government, such as with free Citizen Academy style training on how good governments work. This will provide a preview of how the City of Incline Village will be designed to serve the public better than other local governments. Watch for an announcement soon! We appreciate your continued support and look forward to launching the incorporation petition drive sometime in the near future. Please continue to spread the word about our initiative and have a great 4th of July weekend celebrating the most important independence movement of all.

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