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IVCBA Meeting Video is Now Available

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

If you missed the City of Incline Village presentation sponsored by IVCBA and the IVCB Community Forum on September 27, 2022, you can now watch it, share it (or rewatch it) at your convenience. We've broken it into four sections to make it easier for you to find or share what you want.

First is the introduction by Linda Offerdahl of IVCBA and Denise Davis of the IVCB Community Forum. Second is the presentation by Todd Lowe with an overview of the project and important updates. Third is the presentation by Kevin Lyons on how things would change and what good government looks like. Fourth is questions from attendees and answers from Todd and Kevin. Enjoy!

INTRODUCTION - Linda Offerdahl and Denise Davis (4 minutes)

PART ONE - Todd Lowe (24 minutes)

PART TWO - Kevin Lyons (18 minutes)

QUESTIONS - Attendees (34 minutes)

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