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Upcoming MEETING (Tues Sept 27, 6pm at Chateau), updated petition timeline, and another FAQ

Two quick updates for you...

First – You and other interested people are invited to a town hall meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at the Chateau. We will be there to present the latest on incorporating a city here and answer your questions. The meeting will be hosted by IVCBA, the community and business association of Incline Village and Crystal Bay, and moderated by the Incline Village/Crystal Bay Community Forum. If you have any questions that have not been answered in our previous FAQs or below, feel free to submit them here or bring them to the meeting.

Second - We are continuing to work with lawyers on the most thorough review of the beach deed ever done here by anyone, and there is much left to do. So as recently mentioned in the news , our updated project timeline has the City petition launching for signatures in Spring 2023 and completing in Summer 2023.

Finally, our latest FAQ from your questions is below. Enjoy and as always, please spread the word!


Q: I understand you are coming out with your petition in September. I am not seeing: 1. Communication that this is coming 2. Plan as to how this will be presented to NV residents residing in Incline Village to ensure we get the necessary number of signatures.

A: As noted above, the petition timeline has been updated to launch in Spring 2023. While we expect it to be ready earlier, that timing will give us the best opportunity to reach year round and summer residents at convenient local places, including their homes here.

Q: Primary resident and vote in Incline Village. I will be traveling this fall and voting absentee. Is there any way to sign petition even though I will not be in Incline this fall? Thank you!

A: For people who will not be in town during the 90 days that the petition is available to sign locally (currently planned for Spring 2023) there will be an option to have a petition copy mailed and signed in the presence of a petition gatherer by remote video meeting. Then the signed petition just needs to be mailed back to us to be counted.

Q: Can you use Docusign or something like it to email the petition to all residents using IVCB's email list?

A: Not quite, since the petition must be signed in ink and “in the presence of” a petition collector. But a paper mailed version could be mailed to voters who are out of town and signed during a zoom meeting where questions can be asked and answered.


Q: One of our issues is that the "Main Street" of Incline Village is SR28, a state highway under the jurisdiction of NDOT and the NHP. NDOT's strategy seems to be to move as many vehicles as possible as quickly as possible without regard to pedestrians or cyclists or local citizens. They do not even properly maintain our crosswalks (see the first frame of your video as an example). And the NHP does not enforce speed limits or safety. How will the City of Incline Village manage this situation? Washoe County does not seem to have any influence at all. Is there any way that the City of Incline Village can take over responsibility for our "Main Street"?

A: A city government would have responsibility for all the other streets and sidewalks in town so it would be in a much better position to influence and contract with other agencies like NDOT to make things better here.

Q: Will the city be instituting the neighborhood CCR’s that exist for all subdivision? In them, it restricts additional dwelling units (ADU’s) among other things.

A: CCR’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) are private contractual rules determined by the owners in any particular private HOA (Homeowners Association). So a city government doesn’t (and can't) institute those. But a unified neighborhood could potentially work with a city to make changes they want.

Q: How will the incorporation of Incline Village effect California residents who own a condo in Incline Village as I own a condo in McCloud.

A: Creating a City of Incline Village won’t have any effect on California or Nevada residents or their residency. The city government will be incorporated under Nevada law and stay part of Nevada (and within Washoe County).

Q: Would the new city have its own representatives on the TRPA and TTD boards? (Please confirm with the agencies.)

A: Those boards (TRPA and TTD) were established with representation from Washoe County because of their local jurisdiction over our unincorporated area within the Lake Tahoe basin. With a city government in place we would expect a city representative to take over that spot since Washoe County would no longer be managing our area within the basin. Q: TRPA and TTD have developed the 7-7-7 funding plan, part of which requires entities in the basin (Washoe County, City of South Lake Tahoe, etc) to commit to annual funding amounts. I don't know the amount expected but it should be added to the list of city expenses.

A: Along with the expectation that a City of Incline Village representative would take over board positions at TRPA and TTD, we would expect to take over the associated responsibility for funding, with funds transferred from Washoe County.

Q: Establishing and operating a city/local government will require additional funding beyond what Washoe County would provide. How will we pay for the additional positions, Mayor/Staff, and facilities, e.g. City Hall?

A: It’s not clear that operating a city government will require additional funding and its likely that it will require less funding. But by law a new city is not allowed to increase overall taxes when it is created. Also by law, Washoe County is required to transfer all the costs of providing the services, which includes all the “indirect” costs such as administration and facilities costs.

Q: What has been the projected property tax costs to support a new city, of Incline. Will it be the same, more or less?

A: In the first year the overall property tax will be the same or less (by law). After that we would expect residents here to adjust the taxes downward or upward depending on the level of services they desire and the costs to efficiently provide that level of service.


Q: Please write a summary of the 2 previous attempts of the creation of the city of Incline Village and the issues that defeated the previous plans. These initiatives began as early 1980. Then complete this review with what distinguishes the new plan and how it will find success.

A: The most recent attempt was a proposal to give IVGID more responsibilities by expanding it into an unincorporated town. That non-binding proposal failed at the ballot because people did not like the idea of taking responsibilities from the county and giving them to IVGID and possibly making things worse. The attempt before that was a plan to get the legislature to create a county here. That failed because the legislature didn’t want to do it. Unlike the previous initiatives, the current plan was created after an analysis of all possible alternatives and with the goal of creating the best local government in the US. This led to the initiative to create a City of Incline Village that we can approve ourselves without any legislative action and a plan to create a great government designed to solve problems rather than create them.


Q: if you keep IVGID, do we have to keep the trustee format? Or just the organization?

A: If you keep IVGID as an independent special district it retains the five elected Trustees and the IVGID organization continues to operate under their supervision.

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