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Village League announces effort to create new city government for Incline Village and Crystal Bay

On this Independence Day for America, The Village League is excited to announce our support for a new project: an independent city government for Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

Over the years, the Village League to Save Incline Assets has championed and supported the efforts of local residents to improve our community. After watching many of them struggle recently to preserve the peaceful enjoyment of their neighborhoods and address other local problems, the time has come for a broader solution.

Village League President Todd Lowe has said: "Our mission to help the community didn't end when Washoe County started sending the last $56 million round of property tax refund checks last year. The grievances we hear from our community members have become too many, too frequent and too serious for us to lay idle. There is no reason why we cannot be America’s best run, best place to live. Incline Village and Crystal Bay need autonomy and control over our future.”

Local residents agree, as you can see in the video below:

The Village League shares the enthusiasm in the community for a new city here, and is thrilled to take a leadership role in the effort to create a high-quality city government, that will provide great services to everyone here.

We'll have more to share in the weeks ahead, so please visit to get updates and learn how you can support this exciting effort.

Want to learn more or help out? We'd love to hear from you.

Have a great July 4th!

About the Village League -- The mission of the Village League to Save Incline Assets is to correct situations that may or will become detrimental to Incline Village and Crystal Bay residents. Since 2003 the Village League has fought and won over $100 million in refunds for excess property taxes illegally collected by Washoe County, resulting in assessment levels on par with the rest of the State for all residential properties. Every resident won from our battle then and benefits today. Now the Village League is leading the charge to bring great local government to a great place to live.

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